No More Solutions

There was a time when problems had solutions;
now every solution is found to have at least one problem,
meaning troubles do not yield to thought anymore,
and thought only increases the number and complexity of our difficulties.

Soaking that thing in rivers of thought only increases its size and inpenetrability;
submerging that thing in deep wells of reason only makes it more obstinate, more opaque;
pondering that thing in pools of spring water only reduces the light, the translucence, causing hope to turn to hopelessness.
Put it under a microscope and you see nothing but an angry red eye glaring back at you;
attack it with a shovel, it hits you back with an axe;
curse it and it shouts unabated obscenities at you.

What happened to those days when problems were little ones that could be worked out?
What happened to those days when taking a walk gave you another perspective?
What happened to those times when it was said, "It's water under the bridge?"
or "A man is as big as the littlest thing that bothers him?"
Now everything bothers everyone, no matter how small and unimportant.

We live in an age when a small problem, a tiny wrinkle in the fabric, is just the beginning of a bigger one, followed by a huge one, followed by the biggest problem known to mankind.
And death, we begin to suspect, will bring us no relief!
By Louis Martin