Bad Girls

They call them "bad girls."
But if these girls be bad,
then bad must be good;
because I've never known
such pleasure without pain
as these bad girls give.

And if these girls be bad,
then maybe the good ones aren't
so good as they would seem.
Sometimes I think they hate me,
because I've never known
their love to make me happy.

The bad ones do not ask,
"Do you really love me?"
They do not make you sign
on the bottom line
a pledge of loyalty;
they do not question each
and every word you say,
doubting your sincerity.

If these girls be bad,
who sell their bodies' treasures,
truth must be a curse
and life must be a lie.

If these girls be bad,
I'll lie with many lies
before I'll tell the truth
and forfeit all life's pleasures.
By Louis Martin