While America Cruises

While America cruises down the boulevard blaring hip-hop nonsense from booms cars, the winds of war are beginning to blow and a steely-eyed devil, an ifrit from the north, is plotting.

In the mean time, the "leader" of the free world is taking his cue from Hamlet, being "deeply troubled" but indecisive. A red line becomes a gray line becomes no line at all.

The little bodies lie broken, teddy bears no longer clutched by small hands, and the leader of the free world can't think of a word to say!

Where this leads only history knows, because here we are more concerned with diet and exercise than the fate of the world.

"Hey, dude!" isn't going to stop the bombs when they begin to drop. And they won't care about the fierce tattoo on the arm or the defiant pink streak in the hair.

The devil has a dream which should not be ignored with a toke. Children of the digital age, there are critical times in the history of the world. Now is one of them.
By Louis Martin