What Do You Say?

Impressions are wonderful. "This is how it seemed to me...." But impressions of impressions? Leave them at the door!

Originality, fresh and from the source, you are welcome; sit right here. But seeming, copying, stay away!

And arrogance and "attitude"—who let you in? I'd rather have a flat tire in the desert than listen to you, young fellow.

The grin, the smirk, the all-knowing jerk? I'd rather see a loser's sunny smile.

Indifference? Who needs it! I'd rather see the world at war.

And stirring up confusion? You only make a matter worse. Hear the heavy sighs?

The prance of the showman on stage? I'd rather see a couple dancing in the park. "Fly me to the moon ..."

And his or her monopolizing monolog? Let's go to the cafe and have a conversation. What do you say?
By Louis Martin