They Think

They think if they are loud they are being creative, not killing creativity;

They think if they say the F word enough times it will make their language rich and colorful, not hopelessly boring;

They think if they talk continuously, beginning each sentence with the word "Dude," their conversation turns into rich "social media," not gibberish;

They think they are being profound when they begin a sentence with "Hey," pause, then follow it with the collective nonsense of the day;

They think that one more tattoo or pierced anything will guarantee their place in a brave new world of electronic gadgets and electromagnetic radiation, not make them soulless and savage;

They think they know what's going on in the world because they are "connected" at all times, but don't know what's happening even a block away from their south-of-Market, open-office workbenches;

They think they know what love is but know only Ashley's nipples or Seth's dimples.

They think they know The City because they have been on one pub crawl after another and were able to find their way home afterwards and even go to work the next day;

They think they know haute cuisine because they have paid too much for dinner at trendy restaurants while sloshed on over-priced wine, another area of their "expertise";

They think they think and are not programmed like robots being robots;

They think ...

But who wants to hear more about youthful San Franciscans and the living dead!
By Louis Martin