The Universe

The universe is not nearsighted; it sees all and is not "correct," politically or otherwise.

It does not talk about "ma pee pole"* while condemning all others; it does not prefer one orientation, sexual or otherwise, to any other. The square and the circle are just shapes; the straight line and the curved are just line types.

But note this:

The universe is demanding. It expects adaptation, among other things. And it is definitely not an angry politician of any color or orientation. The universe encompasses the whole color spectrum and all geometries, whether you like it or not.

And let us be perfectly clear about this: The universe is not fair, never has been, and does not see things as myopic man does, who is—get this!—part of the universe, not its origin.

Moreover, it does not "have a dream"; it is the vast space in which dreams may be dreamed if man, blowing upon the flame of inspiration, ignites the torch of imagination to create them. Explore hidden possibilities while they still exist! And say goodbye to blame.

Final note: Man would be better off seeing things, or trying to, as the universe does and not as narrow-minded, melancholic man does. Forget "ma pee pole." Man should dream universal dreams, stretching the imagination across space and time without limitations or preconceptions.

In so doing there might then be the slightest possibility of man surviving till the curtain falls, the universe collapses, and the show is over. Otherwise, man will be lopped off like the dead branches on a tree, "ma pee pole" and all others gone forever.

Smart people of any color or orientation know this. It is the power mongers of any color or shape, seeking your vote or money, who don't. Ignore them, as the universe does.

* Ebonics for "my people"

By Louis Martin