The Mind Replays

The mind replays from memory a moment in time, but is it the same moment? Has mood or motive reinterpreted it to suit some hidden purpose, to ease some old grief or sorrow?

A past moment replayed or reenvisioned may not be the same moment experienced when it occurred. It may be the reinvention of a desperate mind attempting to balance an unbalanced psychological account, an unpaid bill of heart or mind.

Or it may be pure fantasy—the way you wished it were back then. "She ignored me that night," you say, "because her passion in my presence made her nervous," when in fact she did not notice you were there.

And it is possible that semblance of "memory" is based on something that never occurred at all. Is the memory really a memory, or is it the present dreaming—"she was so in love"—or a wish for the future—"our hearts entwined"? Beware! You may never know.

And these words you read right now: Do they say what the writer meant to say "back then," or what you want to hear "right now"?

And if I told you that I loved you, would you question my motive? A wise person might; a kind or loving person might not.

Words mean different things to different people. For some, love means hate; for others, hate means love, with many shades between.

Words paint a picture of the person; so does the grace and wisdom of the person who reads them.

Question words. Don't be betrayed by loose language or the deceit of the "double entendre." Dearest love, sweetness divine, question even these words of mine!
By Louis Martin