Everyone Thinks

Everyone thinks he knows the truth—and I had better say she too—but what is further from the truth? But we all know a lie when we hear one. Being more personal, lies are easier to detect and agree upon; they just feel wrong.

There is your truth, which is not my truth, and so is wrong; there is my truth, which in not your truth, because you are dumb; and there is their truth, which is utter nonsensedon't you agree?

And then there are liesthose wonderful lies!which can be found everywhere you look: your lies, his lies, especially her lies, and their lies, all total gibberish. The only exceptions are my lies, because they do not exist; but if they did, they wouldn't be lies at all!

But let us agree on this one thing: that we do not agree about anything. And that being said, we have a solid starting point for discussion. Who wants to tell the first lie?
By Louis Martin