Confession of obsession,
Obese fleecing the follicle;
Comely Condolisa,
Monocled Mona Lisa;
gas-mask moratorium,
tomato, oracle ordeal.

"Surreal, Sir Real"

"Oh, love, do it again,
begin at the beginning of time;
swamp to rhyme, glass of wine,
maybe a baby, baby."

"Rally 'round the bottom line, love, mine,
and above 'round bosom busy be;
see the nipples rising."

Devise a plan before you can't count roses!

Reality, sensuality of tongues touching,
tongues teasing,
time of day dallying
in moist mouth play;
timeless, eternal;
internal, thermal, terminal;
terms, times, crimes, rhymes
nullified now;
villains unmasked,
asterisk gas mask mortify;
slime less rhyme less;
nest of alliteration allegations,
internal investigation,
sequestration, all verse assets,
vocalese vestiges seized;
noted: the crime of the internal rhyme
and all off-beat beats;
nevertheless or more,
the syllable sound,
round vowel unbound,
"found" poetry at last!

"A lot to say," he.

"Said," she.
By Louis Martin